Infrared Thermography Inspections

In Need of a Infrared Thermography Inspection?
Most people would ask why an infrared thermography inspection would be necessary. The answer is simple; if you are worried about a high electricity bill, then you need infrared thermography. It's perfect for finding high heat output (energy usage) items as well finding if heat is escaping the building anywhere.

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Infrared Thermography Inspection

An infrared thermography inspection is always a whole house service. We will inspect everywhere from your kitchen to your attic and all the nooks and crannies in between. If you have a higher than average electrical bill, the problem can be leaking from everywhere.


Once we find these services, we need to have a sit-down consultation to discuss the next steps. It's not as simple as finding the problem and solving it; often it comes with decisions to repair or replace, will the problem return and are we sure that it's an isolated incident?

Follow Up

Additionally, when we are following up on our thermography, we then can do anything from fixtures, circuits, and electrical devices to panels, generators, and roofing consultations to determine the problem and fix it.

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